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8/12/2019 4:05:42 AM

YOU. YES, YOU. I know you're looking for other Guardians to run with--ESPECIALLY when Shadowkeep Drops [PS4\XB1]

I'm just gonna cut right to the chase: [u]You want people to run with[/u], especially when it comes to things like Raids, high-scoring Nightfalls, The Crucible, and Gambit. LFG is good and all, but we all know that the more you run with a group of friends, the better you do over time (AND the more fun to be had^^). It doesn't matter if you're a brand-new Guardian, or you've been fightin' The Darkness since 2014...if you're looking for a wonderful, as-casual-as-you-wanna-be-BUT-as-sweaty-or-hardcore-as-you-wanna-get types, come check us out! [i]We literally DO IT ALL:[/i] --Raids, Training Raids (salt free!!!), and Speedruns --Competitive and "casual" Crucible (^__^;) --All forms of Gambit and The Recokoning --High-Score Nightfalls and Weapons Quests (Outbreak Perfected, Whisper of the Worm, Thorn, etc) --"Daily Duties", like Planetary Bounties, Strikes, and Heroic Adventures --Heck...even a Crota, King's Fall, Vault of Glass or a Wrath of the Machine, just for ol' time's sake Once again, ALL are welcome. We hail from all over the place, from the Americas to Asia, and come from all different types of backgrounds and IRL schedules. And we're always looking for more peeps to join our ever-growing family. Come check us out at [[url][/url]] today!

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