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8/10/2019 10:32:42 PM

[PS4][NA] "BED" looking for active gamers with raid experience

(PS4) {BED} [LVL 6] aka the good ol "Brown Eye Destroyers". We are an adult only gamer clan. We are looking for Players who have Raid experience but at the same time are willing to teach and train new comers to raids and other end game activities. If your a chill gamer with raid experience and are looking for a new home check out the rest of the clan details below and see if we are a fit for you.   *It is expected of all clan members to be active in game and active in discord if you are anti social or just shy this will not be the clan for you. If you do not post in discord asking for help and offering help or just getting to know others you will not last in this clan. I feel that disclaimer is needed so that way there is no confusion of what is expected in this clan*     -Majority of player base (currently at 64ish members) is between central and standard time. We are most active between 1p.m. - 1a.m.   -Joining discord is a requirement but more important is to be active on discord. If you are joining this clan I and everyone else here expect you to be a friend and to post and ask for help.   -All activities are done within this clan from Raids, Mona je twa, down to good old Strikes, iron banana and even that competitive scene. With that being said we are a chill clan more about fun then busting a blood vessel.   -Please be 740 light or higher on at least one character (raid experience is required -at least 3 raid clears in any of the D2 raids)   (1) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (have fun cut up but realize we are all beautiful people with different levels of Laugh ometers)   (2) Be of the age of 21 or older.   (3) The usage of the almighty discord and a mic is required as well as a semi frequent weekly to bi weekly gaming activity. The majority of us have a spouse on top of that kids this is a clan in which we understand you can't be on all the time but please when you are on try to involve your fellow clan members.   So that's it this is a great clan full of people that went from complete strangers and now are dear friends. If you have any questions about this clan or just feel like this is a match made in heaven then message me here or on the playstation at "divineprod1gy" hope to hear from anyone who made it this far have an amazing day.

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