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8/10/2019 3:12:22 PM

A new leveling "Prestige" system for subclasses

So everything about how you level up will stay the same, but as you level up you can use leveling charges to earn subclass perks in particular categories and create your own subclasses or "loadouts". Categories like: C.Q.C, Scouting (vision and distance), Tanking, Support, Reflexes (mobility), Lone Wolf, etc. Subclasses that resemble the likes of Fallout perk cards and Skyrim Perk trees. This way will also work with a Prestige system where you can reset your characters Level (that arbitrary 50 above every Guardians head) and retain your characters Light Level. When you've ranked up your Titan to 50 creating a sick C.Q.C mixed with Tanking build that works great with your Void W.O.D super, you can [b]SAVE [/b]that subclass as you prestige it. So the next time you hit level 50 you can choose between the previously created subclass or the one you've just created. So at this point in D2, I would have like a dozen or so different subclass builds for all 3 of my characters. I would be able to change to my C.Q.C build when the daily strike playlist has the Brawler buff, change to my range/support subclass when I want to solo a Nightfall, change to my end game/survival based subclass for new raids, or change to my weapon specialist subclass for some crucible play. These "subclasses" would be essentially separated from my Super ability, however some aspects of the created subclass can act differently based on the super/element I chose. So I can use certain builds with different elemental supers depending on weekly burns.

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