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Editado por Blue: 8/8/2019 3:42:22 PM

the Season Of Opulence Collections Badge should have a guaranteed drop method

The menagerie was great for those still chasing after a Twilight Oath or a Waking Vigil for Cursebreaker. But I’ve recently been having trouble getting the Emperor’s Courtesy from Crown of Sorrow. After doing the raid on all three of my characters for the past two weeks and getting practically EVERY OTHER DROP. An idea I had come up with would have been to introduce a new consumable for the chalice to slot in for it to completely change the loot tables. But this item would only drop from the raid once a week, per character. You could get any of the weapons, armor, except Tarrabah or opulent mods. Again, this has all sprouted from me being held back by RNG from the Shadow title. I have done all the flawless Heroic menageries, I have done the Flawless raid, I even have the Shadow of Earth shell on at all times for good measure. It’s just super frustrating being held back by unforgiving loot pools.

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