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8/8/2019 10:42:40 AM

Sentinel banner shield exotic Idea

Chest piece When the wall falls, we must stand Pick a spot: When casting Banner Shield you can choose to plant your shield into the ground by holding the super longer upon casting or pressing it again during the super. Standing behind the shield you and allies become immovable. This will allow Banner shield to be used more in pve. The main drawback of this super is that the caster has to hold up the shield thus losing a player for dps. The damage boost of banner shield is even lesss than Well of Radiance. With the loss of a players for dps and granting less damage than Well of Radiance it's overall a way worse super. Bein able to plant it let's the caster being able to shoot as well. The immovable perk is for the god amounts of boss stomps and I think defensive supers should do something about them. Plus this could give Titans a spot for pve.

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