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8/7/2019 11:27:51 PM

[PC] - [Archetype] - We are a high skill clan looking for PVE players that expect week 1 / day 1 raid clears & PvP players with 4k - 5.5k comp / Flawless Trials exp. Activity in Discord is required! - Click for more in depth details

[b]Archetype [AHR-KIH-TYPE] is an Esports brand and Multi-Gaming community where competitive players of all kind can meet, play games and share their competitive mentality in a drama free environment.[/b] 💢[u][b]READ OUR REQUIREMENTS BELOW[/b][/u]💢 (Follow EVERY step before reaching out for an invite...) [quote][u][b]About Us:[/b][/u] We are a high skill clan looking for PVE players that expect week 1 / day 1 raid clears and PvP players with 4500 - 5500 comp and/or Flawless Trials experience. [b]Read our achievements at the bottom of this post.[/b] We require players to actively use discord and understand that we are not an "LFG" clan.. Every member is here because they want to be in a community where skill is the main factor when recruiting players. With Destiny always being in an up and down state and never sustaining its players we aim to keep our players united under the discord for all games. As stated above we are a Multi-Gaming community so we would prefer if this community discord is your main discord even when you are not playing Destiny. The more active the discord, the easier it is to build a camaraderie between each other and that way when Destiny is in a good state we have the community there for us to all group up, do the things and then wait for them to add more content while doing grindable PVP/PVE tasks and/or playing other games. We strive to have an environment within the community where players can easily form a solid group to conquer any content from Not Forgotten to day 1 / week 1 Raid clears to Flawless Trials (Rip Trials...). For PVE our current power level minimum is 700+ (If you are a highly skilled PvP player under our current power requirement, reach out to us and we will try you out.) Creating Drama in Discord or clan chat is the easiest way to get kicked from the clan. [b]TLDR: Use Discord all the time or get kicked | Be good or get good | Don't cry over spilt milk | If you don't have a catheter installed and a bucket GTFO[/b][/quote] [quote][u][b]Requirements:[/b][/u] (Follow EVERY step before reaching out for an invite...) 🔹 You must speak English. 🔹 PC players only. 🔹 You must be 18+. 🔹 We expect you to have every expansion and annual pass as it is required for progressive PVE content and there are several vital PVP weapons / armor. 🔹 Comment below this post and tell us about your gaming experiences where you are located and if you are a PvP or PvE player. Also, include a link to Raid Report and Destiny Tracker. You can do so by going to [url=]Raid.Report[/url] and [url=][/url] entering your bnet at the top and then sending us those links in your post. 🔹 Up vote this post. (Click the white arrow pointed up to the left of my name above this post.) 🔹 [url=]Join our Discord[/url] and read through the [b]#read-to-unlock-discord[/b] chat channel. There you can verify yourself which unlocks the hidden parts of our discord. Now go to the [b]#roles[/b] chat channel and give yourself the [b]@Destiny[/b] role, the [b]@PC[/b] role and any other roles that apply to you. 🔹 [b]BE ACTIVE IN DISCORD. We want this to be very clear. We are a gaming community so discord is a HARD requirement. You need to be in voice not just text chat. We don't want people who feel forced to get on discord. We want you to want to be active in Discord and if this isn't your cup of tea, find another clan.[/b][/quote] [quote][u][b]Clan Links:[/b][/u] [url=]Clan Page[/url] 🔹 [url=]Website[/url] 🔹 [url=]Instagram[/url] 🔹 [url=]Discord[/url][/quote] [quote][u][b]Achievements:[/b][/u] ⚡ We have cleared every raid week 1 ⚡ We cleared Scourge of the Past day 1 ⚡ We have several members who strive for and achieve 2 man and 3 man raid clears. ⚡ We have went on 10-50+ win streaks in PvP (Competitive, Trials, Iron Banner, Gambit, Quick Play) ⚡ We have done 10-50+ Flawless Trials runs with hundreds of Trials wins. ⚡ We have blind ran every raid, including Leviathan on Xbox before PC came out. (We are not an Xbox clan, we just wanted to run the raid blind, so several of us went on Xbox for the early first month.) ⚡ We were one of the first clans to be level 6 as we had several members start on Xbox to give our self the advantage for PC on day 1. ⚡ We designed one of, if not the most popular Menagerie exclusive weapon/armor infographic: ⚡ We designed one of, if not the most popular Nightfall exclusive weapon infographic: ⚡ We designed one of, if not the most popular Riven infographic:[/quote]

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