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Is use of "Better DS3" for Xbox controller emulation allowed?

Hi, I have a support question. I've been playing the game [b]on PC[/b] with my old SixAxis PS3 controller for the past few days (to make the armor grind more comfortable). But in order for the game to recognise my controller input, I have to keep a program called "Better DS3" running in the background. From how I understand the program it's an "offline MotionInJoy" and kind of emulates an XBox 360 controller where a button press of a PS3 controller is interpreted as one on an Xbox controller. The game works well and all button presses act as intended. (X on PS3 recognised as A on Xbox, analogue stick sensitivity is perfect, etc.) But now I'm paranoid if the game would detect this as cheating, since it's third party software that relates to direct input into the game. Can support clarify that the use of Better DS3 won't get my account banned? Program in question:

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