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8/2/2019 1:41:27 PM

True case of an innocent suspension/restriction

Good day, I've just experienced within a day a string of "30 minute suspensions" from games where either my team had a lead, or in the last 5 minutes of the match. Its said these "restrictions" are done with thorough investigations. Though I believe it's just looking over logs over a period. I live in South Africa. A country that Destiny 2 is sold in all regional retailers. Yet there aren't any servers for Africa in a whole. I would join LFG groups for pvp comp and I have no choice in which servers I choose. Most games connect me to a European server. Lfg groups at most times are done not even by the host. When in a party (Xbox one) I pick up the various accents from america, and the whole of Europe. This morning I was booted from from multiple matches, as said before on a win or either with only 5 minutes left. I mean I even joined a game where the opposing team was just losing a player each round. That's concerning. I have stable connection. And only recently experienced this level of error codes: bee, bat and weasel. The area I live in, have construction on fibre lines, and I doubt that's causing issues with my ADSL line. The match that I believe was the cause of my 2 week restriction, was not PvP comp, it was PvP quick play. One of which I had to leave just at the moment going into that loading screen. An emergency occurred, requiring my attention, leaving everything on would have kicked me out for "inactivity" and so I turned the Xbox off. 3 hours later, I get notified I'm restricted. The suspensions are separate in PvP. Yet the this linked everything as whole. What I'm getting at is, previous errors were not by me or intentional. I wish for a review by an actual staff member on this issue, this is how I'm communicating. As well a perhaps an investment in servers in other countries and regions, considering a F2P model will be soon adopted. Those that may say don't play PvP or the letter, please understand this is a online game. One that a lot have access to. If a company can't provide proper support for service in a region they should pull out. It is an unethical practice, if their aim is to punish consumers with no proper evaluation and assumptions. Reports should be provided entailing in depth reasons or cause. This raises questions on consumer interests and communication. A response would be appreciated.

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