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7/31/2019 5:40:42 AM

Connectivity issues Again

So, you guys updated to nerf or buff or whatever else you did, but still I have troubles going to the Traveler and oh what do you know you need to go to the traveler to get anywhere in this game! And my Solstice armor, oh sure I managed to enter the traveler after (metaphorically speaking of course) appeasing the gods so that I could get it. Lo and Behold when I see the requirements I realized I would basically need to sell my soul to complete at least the Strike part of the set. Oh but it doesn't end there oh no you know that one Adventure on Nessus about Failsafe and the missing Crew needed to progress that '3 Adventure' requirement? I couldn't even complete it! (Here I thought my biggest concern were the Strikes!) Every single time without fail I got to the end and the game kicked me out! Even when I asked a friend for help I still got kicked out. The only reason I managed to complete that last Adventure was because he waited until your servers cooperated with me so that I could join him again and complete that Adventure, after 5 tries! 5 TRIES Bungie! You have any idea how frustrating it is to get to the end of a mission only to get kicked out and lose all progress?! I got so tired of not getting anywhere on that adventure I had to asked a friend to help me so that I could join his fire team. Just like I knew I would need to do with the Strikes. And the Strikes? I managed to do 2! Out of the needed 10! 10 Strikes Bungie! Can you see where am I going with this?! After those 2, I got kicked out of the third. I tried to join my friend again but the matchmaking filled it up and so there were no more spaces. Because of this one requirement in which I know my patience will be tried to its limit I will basically be an eternity trying to progress the Solstice armor (if I don't give up entirely and just delete the game). I don't mind playing strikes, but is it really playing when I lose all progress because I get kicked out near the end?! Speaking of Strikes you know that Bounty about doing the Up in Arms or Arms dealer (can't quite remember the name) on the EDZ? I tried it I think it was 2 or 3 times got kicked out near the end and in the area with the two thanks. I stopped trying because if I continued my controller would suffer for your servers. Don't tell me to restart my modem already did that (again!). My PS4 is directly connected. I already reported problems once here on this forum about this same issues and let my concerns be known about what would happen with this upcoming event. Can you please fix this?! I hate seeing the 'Error your suffering connection issues', 'Error you got kicked out of the game world', 'Oops you left a match', 'Hang on your experiencing connection issues' and of course last but not least 'Contacting destiny servers'. Sometimes I don't even get to see my destination because I'll be kicked out mid loading screen. It's gotten to the point I can predict when I am about to be kicked out.

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