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7/29/2019 10:41:31 PM

Braytech Osprey, Strange Terrain Nightfall, Not dropping!!

Why does it state on the collections page for the Braytech Osprey to complete the strange terrain nightfall but it does not drop if you do, well not for me. Over 100k , run multiple times and still nothing Clearly states complete strange terrain nightfall, nothing about random drop. I’m trying to complete things and because of shit like this the game becomes frustrating and depressing, it’s not fun. I’ve done what it states where is my rocket launcher? This mechanic of random drops is crap, it should be changed to completion of a heroic nightfall automatically drops the weapon, not random drop on a legendary, I’d understand if it was exotic but it’s not Bungie! Stop wasting my precious time with this crap so I can get on with other more interesting things within the game. Where’s my launcher?

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