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Editado por Organic Machine: 7/28/2019 10:49:08 AM

QP shouldn’t be timed matches of teams with wins/losses

- Half or even most matches are one sided. - The matchmaking is inconsistent with stacks vs solo. - Joining matches in progress happens way too often. - The game has tons of individual pursuits that dictate your loadout which has NO PLACE in team based competition Instead it should just be larger “arena style” maps with 16+ players, drop in drop out with no victory conditions and where rank is based on individual achievements within the battle. Both a rumble style arena and one that is still team based but where your rank is still individual. This incredibly impractical thing where individual pursuits, some of which are acquired elsewhere in PvE, are imposed into team base completion has got to go. It makes no sense. Never has. Never will. Individual pursuits and competing on a team are fundamentally opposing things.

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