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Editado por Tyrranius: 8/5/2019 8:12:32 PM

“Prismatic Inferno” emblem clarification?

So I read TWAB today and noticed Bungie had added an emblem to commemorate the Laser Tag festival that happened many, many moons ago.. I just had to look myself up and see if I qualified. "players must have finished a Crucible match between 10 AM PST [b]December 8[/b] and 10 AM PST [b]December 12[/b] 2017" So.. You mean to actually tell me that this [b]mess[/b] on the 6th that made me not touch the Crucible for [i]six days[/i] means I'm SoL on getting the emblem? :( **Update** I got the emblem, so who knows anymore. lmao

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