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7/26/2019 8:23:39 AM

Why did Hunters and Titans only get 2 new supers when Warlocks got 3?

Voidwalkers went from hurling rockets from their hands to turning into explosions incarnate, Dawnblades went from slinging firebolts to creating massive rifts of sheer power, and Stormcallers went from being emperor Palpetine, to shooting friggin' lazors! Gunslingers went from shooting burning bullets to tossing fistfuls of flaming knives, and Nightstalkers went from shooting bows to creeping with knives. Strikers went from fists of panic to self-made rockets, and Sunbreakers went from throwing hammers, to crushing skulls with a maul that shoots flames with every swing! Then there's Arcstriders. They got to twirl their staffs to make a reflective barrier. "Ok, why couldn't they do that before?" Then Sentinels got a bigger shield. Again "why couldn't they do that before?" Seriously, ever since the new supers were added in Forsaken, I've only ever seen Arcstriders use the middle tree, same with Sentinels. The top and bottom trees might as well be nonexistent now. So yes we got new supers, but they merely replaced the old ones instead of made themselves unique like the Warlocks' new supers. What Bungie could have done, or more like should have done, is make the reflective guard and wider shields standard across all trees of their respective subclasses and give the middle trees something entirely new. Arcstrider would be easy to fix, give the middle tree a spear that they can throw. They already have the animation for it with the Javelin from the Warmind DLC. Heck, you could literally transplant that rarely used item into their super and save yourself some effort! As for Sentinel, you could switch bubble from the top tree to the middle, and make it have weapons of light. No need to add blessing as they'd be granted shields while in the bubble. That way it's just as viable as the Dawnblade's Well. Or you could even make it so that the bubble moves with the Titan, let them and their teammates shoot through it, and decrease their movement speed. Yet turning them into the tanks they are meant to be.

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