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7/25/2019 4:20:51 AM

we need a skill filter on PvP

now i hate PvP but it doesn't make this idea worthless because of that, now ive had an OK time with iron banner, i dont need to win i just need to capture points and kill, well,when you get pitted against super high end full pro teams you lose your will to play the game VERY fast, ive had maybe 6 games against a clan called [u][b]Akatsuki[/b][/u], dont really know much about PvP but i do know each of those matches my entire team got wiped multiple times, we always had less than 10 points and Saladin always called it, that kills your willingness to play, but its also the other way too, ive been in games that pit us against fresh off the farm guardians (my friend has informed me y'all call them [i][u]kinderguardians[/u][/i]?) and we wipe them stupidly quickly, but we desperately need a way to separate the pros/mids/noobs from each other, tired of getting pitted against what i can only assume are pros

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