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[UK/EU - PC] Monster Mango - Looking for friendly active players.

[u][b]Hey there![/b][/u] We are a small group of both new & returning players. We just started a new clan and would like for you to join us on our adventures! If you ask me this is the perfect opportunity to join a clan and get close with everybody, which hopefully would lead to good friendships! :D [u][b]What are we looking for?[/b][/u] First of all we are looking for nice & awesome people to play with! but also active players. We are also looking for people that want's to do raids, Nightfall, Crucible etc. (Note: As of now we are all still getting our Light level to 740, to do raids). So if you are looking for some to do weekly, daily or other activities with, we would be more than happy for you to join us! For now it's just casual. but we probably will do some hardcore raiding & such later on. If you would like to join, please post a comment down below with a little bit of info about what your max light level is and such, maybe also something about yourself if you want :) P.S: a microphone would be a good thing to have! [u][b]Discord link will be provided once you have joined the clan.[/b][/u]

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