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7/22/2019 11:10:36 PM

Mountaintop Quest Rant

I have everything except for the double kills left. 189/200 at the moment. This is quite likely the most annoying thing ive ever done in any game. I'm constantly missing final blows and it is near impossible to not have a teammate fight me for the heavy. The weapon archetype itself is insanely inconsistent and nobody that I would meet in matchmaking is anywhere near stupid enough to be part of a gl double kill. Grenade launchers in themselves are designed for splash damage. That doesnt exactly work as intended when flying via space magic is a thing. Also good luck impact killing anyone who isnt running directly at you. I totally understand that this is a pinnacle weapon and it should have a significant degree of difficulty in obtaining, but this is just ridiculous. At the very least maybe make assist kills count for the double kills? Or perhaps ever so slightly increase the time between kills to register as a multi kill? I've lost count how many times I've gotten two or more kills within a very close timeframe and it wouldn't register as a multi kill. Also, why not actually make more viable grenade launchers for people to play with? You either needed to have insane luck and foresight to not delete the iron banner gls (primary or heavy) or you would need to grind lake of shadows a billion times over on nightfall just to get a usuable roll. It just doesnt make sense why bungie would challenge players to do something this ridiculous when the tools and mechanics the players would need to employ only work on occasions when all the planets are aligned and are as rare as an exotic drop. Rant is over finally lol. Feel free to share your torturous experiences grinding for this weapon and thanks for reading. Goodluck to everyone!

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