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Cannot complete A Weapon to End All Existence Questline

I couldn't find any post about it (manual searching) and did not see it in the known issues or reddit so thought I would post about a relatively minor bug here: [spoiler]For some reason when I went to complete the mission "The Other Side" on my warlock, I did not have the quest in the pursuits (Note: I had done all the steps up until this point on my warlock). I completed the quest and then went to the display case and received the bad juju. When I went to the calus statue, it displayed the quest as abandoned on the step to the complete the "The Other Side" mission. I took the quest and completed the mission again. It progressed to the step of turning the essence in to get the bad juju which I interpret to mean go get the weapon from the case. Since I already did that I cannot complete the pursuit. I switched to another character which allowed me to pick up the pursuit at the same final quest step. Completing the mission on that character did not allow me to finish. I can abandon it and just leave it but something feels wrong about having an imcomplete quest even though I've already completed it.[/spoiler]
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