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7/22/2019 5:04:04 AM

Petition for a Revamped Mercury and Mars!

I think we need (maybe deserve) a better version!


Don't care/scrap the locations


As year 3 is steadily approaching, I thought I'd take some time to look back at older content that we've had back in the day. Content that hasn't been touched in over 2 years, when it could still provide up-to-date gameplay. Other MMOs try to avoid just leaving old content in the dust, and eventually try to make it at least SOMEWHAT relevent. Curse of Osiris 2.0 could add all the armor 2.0 stuff (however it's gonna work) to the loot pool, as well as reintroducing prophecy weapons that you can get random rolls for directly from the forge, when grinding materials for the weapons you want (think Black Armory but without forge ignitions). Saint 14 gave us a gun that meant something to him, and in a paradoxical way, us. But now it's just sitting in our vaults or collections never seeing the light of day. Mercury still has a giant loop with an obvious trail/track in it, but allows no sparrows. Really? The infinite forest could be revamped to be a randomly generated daily loot grind/foray where you progress farther and farther, while new modifiers get added to make it tougher, but the rewards sweeter. Moving on to Warmind. Obviously, allowing armor 2.0 as loot drops is important, as well as adding random roll escalation gear because the shotgun is literally the only thing worth having right now, and that's if you don't have one of like, 3 other shotguns with trench barrel. Allowing EP to have a "heroic" version if you accomplish certain objectives while leveling up would be cool too. I currently haven't given the warmind content a WHOLE lot of thought yet, but if anyone else has good ideas on it, feel free to leave a comment. I just hate to see cool looking locales and gear left in the dust because powercreep, when a little bit of effort could be put into making the whole solar system worth playing.

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