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7/21/2019 9:52:39 PM

Constant red ping when playing any PvP modes

I've had this issue since Destiny 1 was released. I've tried several time over the years to fix it and nothing I've done has worked. Opened ports, open NAT, static I.P. even had someone come and look at my houses wiring just to make sure it wasn't an ISP issue. Nothing has worked. I've played the two games across every console and they all have the same issue. It works completely fine until I try and play crucible or gambit or whatever other PvP mode there may have been at the time. The problem seems to only effect Destiny as well. Any other game I play is completely fine connection wise. So I thought I would try one final time to look for a solution. It's been five years, so maybe someone might have some idea at this point why I have such specific connection issues with just Destiny. Any help would be appreciated.
#Help #Networking

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