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Editado por chomerly: 7/21/2019 2:08:57 AM

A few changes I would like see in Destiny

Bungie, you seriously need to do something about raids. In fact, there is a lot that needs to change going forward for this game. Raids need to be less convoluted and brought back to the fun they used to be like, for the most part, in Destiny 1. I think I speak for a lot of players when I say that there doesn't need to a learning curve which is pretty much vertical. Just make them fun. Not only do the raids in their current formend up excluding players from participating in them, it also incurs a cost of increased toxicity because more experienced players get frustrated with those who are new to raiding. And in today's world, no amount of belief in your community being different will ever change the reality that there will always be toxic players in gaming in general. A good answer would be to allow for raids to be completed with fewer than 6 players. Maybe a minimum of 4 and if you can get more then great. At least it would allow for some of us who don't have many friends playing the game anymore, the opportunity to enjoy a part of the game that is currently something I would call exclusive to certain players. Can we please see a change in how enemies target players in PvE? This almost aimbot-like mechanic should have been killed of 10 years ago, but here we are still with enemies that are able to smash a grenade of your forehead from afar, without ever once seeing where you're positioned and only the sound of a weapon to guide it. And the higher the difficulty of the activity you are participating in, the worse (for the player) it gets. It is infuriating and sucks the fun out of playing at times. Will we ever move away from the nightmare which is P2P servers? If we as players are to take Crucible as seriously as you make it in order to fulfill quests, why then do you make it so that we have to deal with being killed by an opposing player, long after you have either ran around a corner to get away from them or, killed them but somehow are still taking damage from their weapon for up to 2 seconds after their death? And how is it that, in some cases, enemies have started hitting you before they have even gotten out of cover? The amount of times I have died as a result of this in either crucible or gambit is a joke. And the only reason I play either is because some quests I have had made that game mode a requirement. There needs to be a better networking system that stops making people paranoid about their own perfectly functioning internet connections and instead provides much better connectivity than what we have now. Perhaps giving us the options of dedicated servers like a lot of multiplayer games used to have. Weapons need a massive overhaul. I remember when you nerfed every weapon type, bar a few, in Destiny 1 because no one was really using pulse rifles. Perhaps it is just me but I now feel as though you have created the same problem again but this time scout and auto rifles have suffered for it. I don't really see either used that often anymore as they are just weak sauce compared to almost everything else. A buff is in order to make those weapon types more relevant. There needs to be an increase in the glimmer cap (something that was being screamed for in D1) better inventory management and a new way of storing materials. Maybe for the latter we could store materials on our ships? It stands to reason that if our ghosts can transport us to our ships at a whim, then surely it would be nothing for them to be able to transport what we need, when we need it too. Also, with the upcoming expansion and the quests and bounties they will undoubtedly bring, will we be seeing an increase in our pursuits page? This is not me slinging mud at Bungie and nor am I moaning about the game per se. I am simply giving my opinions on what I think could make this game better and sharing my experiences as someone who has started playing again after a long hiatus.

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