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7/20/2019 5:43:22 PM


My two sons and I play as a fireteam and have not changed our set up (xboxes, internet connection, etc). My younger son runs an Xbox One with SSD, my older son runs the Xbox One Elite, I run an Xbox One X. For the last week we have encountered increasing issues playing together that include members being booted randomly, whole fireteam encountering random errors, but the worst has appeared in the last 2 weeks only in strikes. We will get to “check points” in the strike (can be early on in the strike can be halfway or near the end. But one of the fireteam members will freeze at a loading point and never unfreeze. When they leave, they have to exit destiny 2 entirely as it never fixes itself. When they attempt to get back in they are given a message that either says there are no open slots or that they are not connected to the destiny servers. Then when the remaining members attempt to leave the strike and regroup in orbit they are greeted to various error,messages and it is difficult to regroup. This happens ever other strike if not every strike so it’s not a little issue. Please address this as soon as possible. I understand you guys are trying to make it on your own for the first time, and don’t have the hands you use to, but these errors are getting quite numerous and are a major hinderance to your game.
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