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Editado por FlowerFox91: 7/20/2019 1:12:20 PM

Be Triumphant, Be a FOE… join Fame of The East Star! FOES newest clan! A community of 11 PS4 clans, 900+ Discord/ Highly Active/ Raid Schedules/ Tournaments/ Giveaways and more!

Join Fame of The East Star, and become a member of FOES… Here at FOES we pride ourselves on being an active and friendly clan. We’ve been running for over 4 years and have grown to be a community of 11 clans, that welcomes both new and experienced Destiny players. We know how to help our members make the most of Destiny … whether that’s playing the campaign, light levelling, raiding, PvP and all endgame content. At FOES there is always something going on, including; *Raid Schedule and Sherpas *Competitions and Giveaways *PvP and Gambit Tournaments To find out more take a look at our website and social media; [url=]FOES Website[/url] Instagram; [url=]foesofdestiny[/url] So come [url=]Join Fame[/url] now. The FOES Family; First of The East Star Fangs of The East Star Fury of The East Star Fate of The East Star Fear of The East Star Force of The East Star - UK/ EU Frenzy of The East Star - PvP Fray of The East Star Fable of The East Star Foxes of The East Star Fame of The East Star [New members are required to join our discord channel] [Must be aged 18 or over] Cheers, Museumofdragons FOES Founder

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