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7/18/2019 12:16:57 AM

Tree of probabilities needs more enemies.

So I tried to get +200k on tree of probabilities today and ran it about 4 times using a 5.95x score modifier. On the best run, we killed all the enemies possible and got to the boss before the score began decreasing and only managed 181,000. The same strats got upwards of 210,000 on the garden world and 230,000 on the corrupted with smaller modifiers like 5.15x even after the time limit was reached and the score began decreasing. Anyone got advice for trying to reach a higher score in this strike? The lost sector point farm has been patched so that won’t work. We ran match game, extinguish, blackout, 225 light decrease. I don’t see any other way to make it high enough without increasing the light deficiency to 230 or 240 putting us at light 520 or 510 for a 540 strike.

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