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[PS4]-[NA\UK\EU] clan FLEX recruiting [Closed]

[u]Update:[/u] Recruitment has been closed for now. We'll open up soon at a later date. Few at a time. [u][b]*READ BELOW FULLY BEFORE APPLYING[/b][/u] FLEX is a relatively newer clan consisting of both experienced & new/returning guardians. We are recruiting more like-minded guardians to grow larger & stronger towards Shadowkeep. FLEX is like a family. Our members have put their love and work towards the clan to reach max clan level as soon as it was possible in-game! (though currently being a small clan) We help and get helped by each other, and patiently work towards what each of us desire to achieve in the game. That's the kind of clansman-ship each of us are treated to and we're proud of it. Main focus is endgame - raids, pinnacle weapons, menagerie, title-seals etc. We sherpa, guide, share helpful tips & advice, but expect our members to put in the effort to prepare for it. We have a [b]no carry[/b] policy. You want to [b]flex[/b], you earn it. We make an effort to teach atleast 2/3 folks new raids every week and slowly create a roster of experienced raiders in time. For [b]already experienced raiders[/b] - drop me a PM whether you like to sherpa, which raids or would like to participate in flawless, 2-man/3-man raids. Our members are from all parts of the world and we welcome all, be you casual or hardcore, experienced or new/returning. Timezones are not a barrier for us, it actually works in our favor more & we maintain a healthy balance. Currently our members are mainly from US/UK/EU. [u]We have a few requirements:[/u] - PS4 | 21+ be mature | mic required | Discord mandatory - All DLCs, season pass thus far. - NO Drama, Toxicity, Elitist behavior, Racism/Sexism/Hate-speech, Edgy/Controversial topics - Be active - both game and discord. If you're going to be inactive for more than 2 weeks let an admin know or will lead to removal. We ourselves maintain a healthy balance of life, family, job, priorities and we understand it. - Approval to clan upon joining & getting setup in discord (see clan page). If you decide to join we request you to give time, not just join and leave shortly. Understand we are relatively a newer, smaller & diverse clan - you are a step towards a larger player-base, be a part of it. Take time, make friends get to know each other, help someone, they'll help you in return, join party chats - our parties are always open and you're welcome. Members who have been patient and understanding have contributed to as well as reaped the benefits of their friendly and helpful clanmates. Be it raids, pinnacle weapons, exotic quests or simple weeklies like nightfalls.
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