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Clan Rebuilding - Open to All Player Types (PS4/NA)

Hello my fellow Guardians, Five years ago, I started Barking Irons before the launch of D1. Since that time the clan has swelled with members and diminished to just a scant few with the ebb and flow of the franchise’s releases. I have made friends who are still with me today, and lost a few along the way. Even as founder, I have taken a few lengthy hiatuses from the franchise myself. Currently, my brother and I are the only two actives left and we’re looking to change that. We want to make this new iteration of the clan can offer something for everyone. If you’re a laid back lone wolf that would prefer to grind solo and help reap clan rewards, that’s quite alright. If you’re an outgoing player who wants to squad up and tackle things as a team every chance, that’s awesome. Any type of player is welcome: hardcore or casual, PvP or PvE, or any combination. I am a very social gamer and love to sit in party chat for hours pontificating on the downfall of the new PvP meta while we grind weekly challenges, but I also respect that some of you may prefer to squad up and listen to music or chat less frequently. I am more of the PvPer of the duo and my brother is more PvE focused, so you would immediately have someone to grind your preferred activities with you. Lastly, we both enjoy helping people accomplish their goals. We have experience running those tough exotic quests, as well as grinding those harder challenges for unique rewards. My work-life is pretty stressful, so I am always down to hop on Destiny and clown around for a few hours with friends. Please let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in joining. Stay safe out there, Guardians. Happy hunting! P.S. The clan will expand to PC in September.

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