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7/16/2019 8:21:15 PM

[PC] [NA] Shadow Keep Looking For Member's [Discord] [18+]

We are looking for Member's to join our Relaxed Clan we are mainly focused on End-game and Raiding but will help new people out if Time allows. Our Admin/Leader's have plenty of experience with End-game activities. Activity Timing is Based on NA Timing from Pacific Standard to Eastern Standard As being a Adult clan we do have age limit of 18+ but in all we do expect people to act mature as so the other member's of our clan does. We do not tolerate Hate/Toxic Behaviors, We do have a discord we use full time for our Clan Activities and is required and it is listed on our Bungie page. If you have Any questions just DM here on and or just come on over and Sign up thru Bungie Shadow Keep

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