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7/15/2019 12:27:54 PM

Banner shield buff concept

Banner Shield is severly underpowered and underused. Which is sadly understandable. Compared to Well of radiance the super is very weak. Banner shield gives players who stand behind it a damae boost. Around 25% which is nice and the teammates are safe. But if we take a look at Well of Radiance we see how bad it is. Well Of Radiance gives a 35% buff in damage, an overshield and greatly strong healing. So WoR already gives more dps to the team. But the biggest diference is that the Warlock who casts WoR can still shoot where as Banner Shield holds up the shield. Effectivly doing less dps in total. For example. Each member does a 100 damage per shot. So for a fireteam of three a total of 300 damage. If the Sentinel uses Banner Shield the team losses his dps. So only 200 left. That gets increased by 25% so now 250 damage. But if a Warlock uses Well of Radiance he can still shoot so the base stays 300 and gets increased by 35% so a total of 405. Banner shield is always at a loss of dps unless atleast 4 members are behind the Shield. Which means 5 members at the minimum. That can only happen in the raid or Menagerie. Even then 5 players 100 damage each with the 25% extra comes to 625(500 * 1.25). Yet WoR 6 players 100 damage each with the increase of 35% comes to 810(600 *1.35). Banner Shield is always outclassed by WoR and usefull in far less situtations wihle you sacrifice more. I think it's severly in need of a buff. But for it in order to be as strong as WoR with just three fireteam members mean it needs a flat buff of 100% (for a base of 200 damage to get to 405 you need double the damage). This would get insane in other encounters like the raid. That would be a tad bit ridiculous. So in order to keep Banner Shield in line wih WoR it needs an adjustment per member behind the shield. [b]Banner Shield:[/b] [i]Weapons of Light now give damage boost according to how many players are behind the shield[/i] fire team members behind the shield 2: 100% 3: 80% 4: 70% 5: 60% In comparison with the 100 damage in mind with all fireteam mebers being behind the shield vs all memebers in the Well [b]Banner shield[/b] [i]Total players in fireteam[/i] 3: 400 (200 * 2) 4: 540 (300 * 1.8) 5: 680 (400 * 1.7) 6: 800 (500 * 1.6) [b]Well of Radiance[/b] [i]Total players in fireteam[/i] 3: 405 (300 * 1.35) 4: 540 (400 * 1.35) 5: 675 (500 * 1.35) 6: 810 (600 * 1.35) With these tiers of damage boost Banner Shield won't differ that much with Well of Radiance. If Banner Shield got this buff it could be used together or instead of WoR for extra damage boost and finally start being viable. I know this looks like an odd solution for a buff and really boring with all the calculations. I wish I could give it a flat buff but Bungie high likely wouldn't do that because it would outclass WoR by a mile in higher end activities.

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