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7/14/2019 10:23:10 AM

Bounties not progressing Tribute Triumphs

You guys absolutely destroyed this season's appeal with the Tribute Hall. Not only did you release a time-gated activity that requires grinding HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON instead of at the beginning, but you've made it as unclear and annoying as possible to get many of the Triumphs. Specifically, the 'The Scoundrel in Uniform' and 'The Emperor's Gladiator' Triumphs take WAYYYY too much Infamy and Valor to complete. Not only this, but you can't even help lessen the grind by doing Bounties. They literally give you NOTHING towards this Triumph. Either fix this and help us out, or change the text of the Triumph to state 'From completing games'. Either way, it could really use a reduction, too. While I'm on this topic, figured I'd touch on the 'High Roller' Triumph. It's either bugged or just extremely inconsistent based on what I've seen people say, and you should, again, really either get a fix out for this or change the set to say "A full set of armor and weapons.' This entire Event was extremely poorly thought out and developed, and this on top of the Menagerie 'fix' has really killed this season in a lot of players' eyes.

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