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7/14/2019 5:22:46 AM

Constantly getting kicked from activities... and various error codes.

Welp good evening Bungie community... Tonight I'm writing my, semi-formal complaint for Bungie... Hey guys, I always appreciate and love the game and normally I'm not one to post hate or make complaints about the game, but for the past several hours, I have been getting randomly kicked out of activities. (Gambit Prime primarily) and getting so many different messages about it. From error code "[i]anteater[/i]", to "[i]guitar[/i]", to "[i]weasel[/i]" and I'm gonna be honest with you all. I'm f--king sick of it. I CAN NOT EVEN COMPLETE a game of Gambit Prime with my friends without getting kicked for some random server issue. This is outright infuriating. So... can someone PLEASE FIX THIS SERVER ISSUE. I don't like having to speak up and to make complaints, but if it's so bad to where I can't even play the game ([b]and even get penalized from Gambit when it's not even my fault, but the servers[/b]) then something needs to be said and something needs to be done. Thanks. _____________ And if anyone else has been having these issues, feel free to voice your opinion too. I've seen a lot of anger over the server issues over the last few hours.

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