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Error in competitive playlist

I don't quite know where to go for help about this thing so I'll post it here. So, I don't normally do competitive or crucible in general, but I have NEVER not even once left a game mid battle for any reason, EXCEPT when there's a glitch and I'm forced out of the match. Recently I decided to start going for a crucible pinnacle weapon for moments of triumph, so I decided on the revoker sense it seemed the fastest. Today I did about 2 or 3 games then, at the start of my next game, I get slapped to orbit for as far as I can tell. No reason. I patiently wait for the game to load and tell me why this happened, I get the error message "guitar" and I'm like, What? Wasn't that something that just happened to people in the last wish raid? And of course I get the games message telling me "hey don't be a jerk and leave in the middle of a match" I brush it off, thinking, meh whatever, just a random 1 time glitch, but I saved a clip either way. So imiedaitely after that, I start up a new match, and guess what? The EXACT same glitch occurs. Except this time the game tells me, "hey, looks like you need a time out, for being a baby and leaving to many matches incomplete" which honestly kinda angered me. So, does anyone have any clue why this gltich happened? I have great internet, I dont mod my ps4, there's allot of space in both storage and ram left on my ps4 ( when playing D2 ), nothing was being downloaded or uploaded when this occurred. My ps4 is about 2 and a half years old. And hasn't had any problems.

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