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7/14/2019 4:00:38 AM

WTF I get guitar codes on your end 3 times in Gambit

I got error code 3 times in Gambit and came back and finished games, even says so on this website that I finished. But Bungies crappy programming now has me on a timeout. FIX your shit Bungie, you are quickly becoming not worth a single dime I have given you. Gambit New Arcadia Victory 22 minutes ago Gambit Deep Six Defeat 25 minutes ago Gambit Legion's Folly Victory 39 minutes ago Gambit Emerald Coast Defeat an hour ago Gambit Kell's Grave Defeat an hour ago Along with no progress on my triumph for the last 3 games. Thanks a lot bungie for waste of time and money.
#Help #Errorcodes

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