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7/14/2019 2:38:07 AM

Ok Crucible Neckbeards.... Yes I know I suck....

Ok so I kinda need to get this off my chest, it's something that's always been in the background in the PvP community here but it's somewhat beginning to grate now. I'm NOT a PvP player, but I'll play it if a quest forces me too. That's not my gripe though. My gripe, my grievance is with the salt and annoyance some of the PvP players have towards some of us less skilled guardians Yes I know I suck, my PvP record is atrocious and I'm somewhat limiting my myself even more while I go for precision final blows with a hand cannon to finally complete the caydes will quest... I get it, my presence is somewhat impeding that all important win that you need to inflate your ego... But do me and yourself a solid eh? Please resist the temptation to try and send me a message after the loss saying I suck, or I should leave or kill myself etc.... It's just a game, ya don't need to get so angry eh? I'll just end up blocking ya salty ass and jumping into the next game all while you start foaming at the mouth in a throws of apoplectic rage... Just swallow your pride and move on eh?
#destiny2 #rant

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