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7/12/2019 4:50:51 AM

[PS4] Recruiting Players for Clan :) Old and New players welcome :)

Hey there, our clan is called "Eris' Eye Care Center" and we're seeking active members to join our clan :) Yes, its a pun for Eris Morn's eyes haha. Anyway, we've been an active clan since Destiny 1 and we're trying to rebuild the clan to what is was: a carefree environment that is dedicated to helping out other guardians whenever needed :) We know people have scheduling conflicts with life being in the way and its understandable and as long as you're semi active we'll respect your contribution to the clan either way :) We've been through it all Nightfalls, Raids, and other activities that are involved in Destiny. Help will be heard whenever needed as we've done several teaching runs of the raids on LFG posts and we're willing to help you out (can't see it but I'm pointing right now) If this sounds like a clan you're interested in don't hesitate to join ^_^

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