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7/12/2019 4:12:49 AM

Game Crashing Constantly

Hello all, my game seems to crash randomly in some places, and consistently in others. For example, my game crashed once in the tower, once during the boss in the menagerie, and twice in Jetsam of Saturn, and that's just today. Jetsam of Saturn always makes my game crash though. I have a PS4 Pro and have tried literally every solution I've found online, short of changing my hard drive. I don't feel that's necessary as D2 is literally the only game that crashes. Like ever. I've also seen plenty of other people having similar issues, even dating back years ago. This isn't so much a post asking for help as it is trying to tell Bungie that the game is broken for some PS4 Pro users and they really need to fix it soon. Thanks! ^-^

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