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7/10/2019 1:19:22 AM

It is July 9th, 2019 and Blind Well is still broken

It will be a year since Forsaken dropped (sept. 4th, 2018) and the Blind Well activity is still broken. After sitting in there for 8-10 min I finally had 2 players spawn into my instance. I did all of the tricks that Bungie and the community told us to do and nothing worked cept waiting there like a dummy. So I finally had 2 guardians spawn in and we all ran up to the Well.... only for it to be broken. I had a full stack of each key and the Well would't acknowledge me. I msg'd the other players and they were running into the same thing. I am about to cry lmao, this is the weirdest issue that Bungie seems to refuse to fix. [spoiler]Just to put this out there, yes I did hard reset after the update today so it wasn't that. [/spoiler]

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