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7/9/2019 4:10:17 PM

A possible "drastic" fix for Lord of Wolves





this is far out there but lol [quote]Lord of Wolves gets changed to a kinetic [i]fusion rifle like[/i] weapon benefiting from all fusion rifle and rifle armor perks. The Shrapnel rounds are now effected by gravity greatly reducing their effectiveness at mid to long ranges.[/quote] [b]Shrapnel Launcher intrinsic perk-[/b] Quickly dispels a volley of high-impact slug rounds. Shrapnel rounds cause massive strain to the targets senses (cause a massive amount of flinch breaking the targets composure and adds a concussion effect to the target.) [b]Release the Wolves exotic trait-[/b] Rounds dispelled after holding reload burn targets and explode after target is defeated. RtW rounds consume twice the amount of ammo. LoW is now a fusion rifle (not a pulse rifle shotgun monster) and can cause massive damage to shielded majors in PvE at close ranges when Release the Wolves is active. It can no longer fire "twice" after reload thus giving it the proper nerf for PvP players on top of the gravitational effect for long ranges. This would combo well with weapons like Recluse which will likely be seeing its own nerf in Shadowkeep with how Master of Arms is activated. If MoA trait can only be active by defeating powerful enemies (how I predict it to change) than the change to LoW will combo nicely with a CQC style build. Also, this could further introduce different types of[i] fusion rifle like[/i] legendaries into the kinetic slot bringing the kinetics some more diversity.

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