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7/8/2019 12:36:06 AM

Better Sensitivity Options For Console Players

I post and tweet about this issue literally everyday but it always seems to get sweeped under the rug. Sensitivity on console is a huge let down when playing PvP. These "BASIC" 1 - 10 options to choose from just dont feel right. As it stands if I want to turn and move faster my ADS has to take a hit in accuracy. This shouldnt be an issue but with a high Dead Zone set by Bungie ( that cant be changed ) its becoming a drag to play Crucible. The ability to change the Dead Zone, X and Y values for movement ( turning ) and ADS seperately would really improve the overall feel of the game. Destiny has always felt "stiff" as far as movement goes and in a game that has PvP feeling "stiff" really gets annoying when you die because you couldnt turn fast enough. I see people playing on PC and the movement just looks flawless. I want to move like that on console and these simple options could fix that. Hopefully this will gain traction and this issue will finally be resolved. Its been long overdue. I just want to see Destiny be what I know it can become. This will go a long way with console players and will improve the game massively. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Just A Passionate Guardian..

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