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2/18/2019 11:22:27 PM

When do we talk about triumph seals being blocked by RNG?

It has been 30+ weeks of attempting to get Cursebreaker Triumph Seal. I have played countless hours of ascendent challenges and weekly story missions like the Oracle Engine and The Dark Courier. And week after week after week after week, I get no ghost shell and no sparrow. It has become exhausting to the point where Destiny is no longer fun to me and where I feel my opinion on RNG based triumph seals is being ignored. I am not the only one with the opinion that this requirement NEEDS to go, but I fear that it's merely falling on deaf ears and that none of the dev's cares that I have spent 30+ weeks trying to get this seal and still not have it...versus someone who isn't even trying to get it just magically has the ghost shell and the sparrow. It is incredibly frustrating and I've reached my wit's end. If this isn't fixed, I will no longer be playing Destiny 2 as a game because I do not feel supported as a player.

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