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Editado por Squeaky: 7/6/2019 5:15:03 AM

Only the jury can judge us (PS4 only)

Hey guys, you looking for a clan full of fun and adventure? You looking for a clan full of helpful members, who are welcoming and kind? Looking for a group who gets along, and always has each others backs? Well you came to the right place!!!! ... Oh stop laughing! So this clan is totally full of perverts and idiots, dorks and misfits. We welcome all types here, from brains to athletes. From basket cases of all size, to some criminals. Yes, we are a new up and coming group, but we have a lot of experience with raids and pvp. We are willing to teach, if you're willing to learn. You will be judged, but in the best way possible. If interested, apply or message me (ToriSqueaksAlot) or Ghost----inbound on psn. We do use discord and destiny app for communication.

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