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Editado por bigdaddy1972sdl: 7/6/2019 2:25:09 AM

Bungie, you kept me going... ILY guys! Please see this Admins and Bungie

So last year i nearly killed myself by Stimulants, i'm only comfortable talking about this because, well there are things to live for currently, one of them being Destiny, at the time, i was so depressed, i had a girlfriend and everything, you know. Life that year was hard for me, it was my freshman year right before christmas break. i was still depressed after coming back from the hospital, even though i was placed on a lot of anti-deps, but when i unpacked destiny 2 from under the christmas tree from my grandparents, i was soooo excited to play destiny again, i played practically all day, i spent as much money from my bank as i could on destiny 2, it kept me going for many reasons, i met alot of excellent people on destiny, i love this community, i love the Bungie Corp, i love what you do for people, you guys have a choice to keep the money or donate it and keep it to yourselves, but you dont, you donate alot to charity. This company has given me inspiration, hope, compassion, and love for everyone, i've came across new feelings, almost as if i have been touched by the light and free'd from the darkness, however i still feel the darkness inside me, and i will continue my fight. I love you @bungie i love your team, it was you who kept me going, not my parents, not my school, not my surroundings, it was you. thank you bungie and Hope you have an Amazing Day! Ɛ>Ɛ>Ɛ>

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