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6/23/2019 6:43:16 AM

What Is Destiny’s Theme Song?

As a musician, I love music. As a gamer, I love video games. And when these come together, it’s amazing. Destiny has great soundtrack and gameplay, but I feel it’s missing something. There are so many great themes out there that can be instantly recognized if one has played the game. Halo, Skyrim, andLegend of Zelda to name a few popular ones. Hollow Knight is not well known, but has an equally good and recognizable theme. But does Destiny have a good, recognizable theme? It has many great themes in the game (Cabal Stomp for the Cabal, Regicide for the Taken King, Mara’s Theme, the Forsaken theme, the Rise of Iron theme, etc.) but does [i]Destiny[/i] have a theme song? I can’t actually pinpoint a theme, and that bothers me.

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