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Everyone and anyone who doesn't consistently play Raids or Comp is a casual. Yes, even if you have put thousands of hours into this game. You just play fluff. You deserve that label and shouldn't think otherwise. - [spoiler] I am playing scapegoat here. I don't actually agree with this. Looking up player's stats is a common thing here, and you'll clearly see that I don't play Crucible nor Raid often anymore. I don't believe there is only casuals and consistent Raiders/Comp players, no in-betweens. This was simply to prove a point to an individual here that believed this (which is fine) but then took it a step further to label, belittle, discredit others "below" him. Whether you agree or not, chime in. The statement is the focus here. Let's have a respectable discussion.[/spoiler]

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    "Thousands of hours" has 1k. The majority of your 1k of play time is spent in story missions/strikes. That is the epiphany of casual content. You also have periods where you leave the game for 4 months at a time.... That's called casually playing. You don't have to lie to us to try and kick it. And just because one time you had a goal in this game and solo'd the shattered throne once doesn't make you a hardcore player. Small example I used to play siege hardcore. Had multiple accounts that I'd get to platinum/diamond every season in ranked. Now? I play siege/ranked every now and again. That would mean i'm a casual despite my past accomplishments. I'm ok with being a casual 😊 The better question though is why are you obsessed with labels? Anywho there is nothing wrong with being a casual player. Why do you think being casual is a bad thing? [spoiler]This post? Fake news. Things I despise? Extremists/Liars/Manipulators. You? Are all 3. This was like reading a CNN article. Your post should've read [quote]If you have 1k hours played in the game but periodically take 4 month breaks, predominately play story missions/strikes but one time had a goal and soloed the shattered throne but typically avoid end game content are you a casual player?[/quote] I would've had respect for that since it's honest and not manipulative one way or the other. But we both know that's not in your nature. How many "direct quotes" of "me" did you make up to push your own personal agenda? How many bold face lies did I catch you in? Anywho some sub content for people. I'm sorry I said we don't need anything added to eververse since you are wanting bungie to direct more resources to eververse? I'm sorry I said I'd rather see PvP have some content added to it since it hasn't had anything in over a year instead of bungie fiddling more with eververse and you went ReEeEeEeEeEe PvP!!!! So I used the raid reports to show I also play PvE and way more PvE then you so you freaked out about that as well and started having made up conversations with yourself? Making up "quotes" of "things i've said" but have never said. Thanks for sending me a link to this. It's hilarious.. just like the trippy conversation i've been having with you and your "friend" (which is you as well) the past few days. You could've also been honest about the fact that the only person that was belittling anyone is you. 🤷‍♂️ but hey. Don't expect someone who loves to name call when someone doesn't agree with them to be a respectable individual. 😘[/spoiler]

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