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7/2/2019 9:15:01 AM

Destiny 2: New Light. It’s an awesome move for ppl rn, but kind of throws us past paying ppl under the bus.

I really like the idea of new light, but it’s really a kick in the balls to those of us who’ve paid for all those wonderful expansions. Now ppl who just sat back and didn’t really care about D2 reap all the benefits from those of us who endured the shit storms and kept pushing for a better Destiny. Not saying we should get Shadowkeep for free, but maybe a 10-25% discount for the delux edition or we get something unique to show that we’ve stuck around since day 1 to try and make this a better game, which it is. So many people provided feedback and what not and I really do think that without most of your feedback we’d not be in the state of Destiny that we’re in now. It’s a great path they’re on and I think they’ve the community and the dedication by the core base to thank for that, as well as, from what it seems, internal leadership at bungie pushing against Activisions vision of Destiny. I think though we could have jumped ship and left Destiny a dead husk where Anthem now resides. But a lot of you, including myself, stuck by the game through the really shitty parts and kept providing feedback here on the forums, actual feedback as well, sure there’s some “you’re shit” posts, but for the most part people take the time to write out the issue and provide their solution. Not a lot of games or online communities are like that. But yeah idk, would be nice to get a little token of appreciation from the Bungie team. It’s not exactly been a cheap game to follow either.

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