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Discusión sobre Destiny 2
6/26/2019 7:49:29 PM

whs is crucible such a sad mess right now?(possible ideas to just make it a little better)

it's not right to have a lord of wolves with such a perk during important times like iron banner. things like that should get hotfixxed or just banned out of crucible till it's balanced again. lord of wolves aside, balancing is not there. one hit meele, extendet range supers. extremly magnetic meele without being able to dodge for sh*t and to top it all of, you can't even choose your gamemode. just pull the rainbow six siege and just ban countdown and survival these are gamemodes for slow games (like siege) and shouldn't be in a game with such a high pace and (what should be) low TimeToKill. shotguns in general are not a good idea. a minimap are not a good idea. shotguns shouldn't be able to one-hit in a game while every other weapon still need way to much time to do something and a "just play it yourself" is not the right way. you guys are rendering so many fun biulds useless with things like this. the only matches i stood only a Chance was if i used lord of wolves myself and even then. if i just get shouldercharged after i killed the first guy, it's all over(survival or countdown) while clash and control would be way more forgiving for things like that happening. you can "counterplay" but balancing is still dead if you use a pulse to outrange a lord of wolves IF(for the most part) the enemy is using a blast furnance and OneEyedMask to toatlly doom you if you try to do something The OneEyedMaskPerk is a big F*uck you to every player anyway which punishes players for playing the game i could list many more things -warlocks pushing back enemys with melees -OneEyedMask -GoldenGuns Duration which is just to short -Spectral Blades effectiveness which is stupidly high -Way of the Trapper which is just to slow to shutdown supers before 8 out of 6 people in your team die -dawnblades incredible high -One hit melee -FAST One-Hit weapons(pumpguns) -the uselessness of halve of the exotics -just not being able to BAN weapons out of the crucible because they are good for pve but way to strong for pvp(LORDOFWOLVES) and the to top it all of is almost everything the same. you get shotgunrushed or wolverushed from someone wearing OneEyed or from a handheldnova or from a LSD Hunter on Stompees with the rest of the armor and weapons being the same few ones as always. Put back all the old armor and let them drop with random perks so many good designs are wasted because they just aren't good enough for pvp or pve because they don't have a certain scanvenger or targeting or unflinching or something like that. many old weapons would be really good and interesting in pvp like the ikelos_hc which is really interesting to play with but doesn't stand a chance against lunas howl or austringer. i know this is way to much to read and probably no employee will even read that. but if someone skipped through the whole thing to end up here. i just want balancing in a beautiful looking game with high potential. why having frustrating abillities and weapons if the game would be much better if it could be more forgiving with for example slow shotguns needing to hit two shots and rapid fire needing to hit 3 or 4 why having one-hit abillities if titans could have a longer-range smash to disorient enemys not killing them instantly and gibing them a little advantage while the other has just a harder time to aim why having the radar if you could use callouts and your EARS to play more carefully instead of smg/fusion/shotgun rushing because you know SOMEONES THERE. who even is responsible for the design of crucible and to top it all of. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESIGN OF SOME TRIUMPS OR MISSIONS? do you even playtest what you design? i hope so because i don't want to have a Valve2.0 instead of destiny. and no AUG2.0 inside it. or an R8_2.0 inside it please just give the community real reasons for the weapons and tell what you planned for them. and before you guys stop inventing cool guns (like the lord of wolves). just test if it's ok and fair in the crucible and if not, ban it OUT of the crucible. like Two charakter slots (after pressing F1 just two little windows above your charakter with PVE and PVP) where you can have a pve loadout and a pvp loadout. and little marks on the gun with (usable in PVE // not usable in PVP) even if it's maybe a lot to programm on, hire new employees and just make the game better with changes not entirely changing the game but just making it better you guys are hitting one millions players but yet you have the most frustrating pvp experience i (and many more) could think of. noone is sad if some weapons are mad unusable in pvp. i'm sure noone wants to see another lord of wolves. i would go as far to even say that auto-tracking (wardcliff) should be forbidden because the bullet magnetism is enough work already and guns like jötunn are basically free kills. i don't know about machine guns because many like them and many hate them inside crucuble. i think these are way to many free kills too. make crucible a test of skill and tactics again. not who's connection is better and whichs lizard brain reacts a little faster to one hit melee the other.

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