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6/26/2019 10:58:37 AM

Riddle me this?

Dear Readers, First of let me start with a positive note, I am very fond of the game and enjoy every moment of the experience, I think you guys at bungie did an awesome job!! I am now in the progress of grinding for the Wayfarer title, and I have spend multiple long sessions on this and have gotten pretty far. But I am now held back by two Guns in this matter, the Frigid Jackall en the Braytech Osprey. Frigid is found, and these are your own ingame words, by doing activities and leveling up on Mars, which as you know is not correct, it comes from sleeper nodes by using override frequenties. I have spend hours upon hours, day after day (because I know you can only get one schematic a day) and have gotten nothing, I did not pay for a game to give me the middlefinger in something I want to achieve. So moderators or whoever reads these posts, care to explain me how to best obtain this weapon? And then comes the second and best part of all, the Braytech Osprey, which can only be obtained by completing the nightfall strike Strange Terrain. Where has this nightfall been the last months? I have waited patiently for a while now but this is getting out of hand, we have had the same 4/5 nightfalls 5 weeks in a row now, if not longer. I want to get my hands on the Strange Terrain. So can someone please tell me when this bloody nightfall will be available? It is such a shame that people like myself who really apperciate and love the game are being held back by such a thing as RNG, I am a grown man with responsibilities I can't be playing this game endlessly, I need to work and stuff you know, and with your mechanics it has become almost if not impossible to obtain this without luck being involved. That not what a game is supposed to be about, yeah there needs to be certain amount of effort needed, but the amount of effort I have put in to get these items is ridiculous and out of proportions on the reward it brings. I am determind to get this title so I hope the people who made this ca nexplain me how it is supposed to be done. So, please explain and assist me in getting this title Bungie. I hope to be seeing an answer soon on this, Best regards, Jeffrey

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