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PVP Restrictions & Pursuit Suggestion

PVP Restrictions & Pursuit Suggestion Through analysis of both video observation (youtube/twitch/etc) and personal experience of both doing and failing, I have found that there are many weapons and weapon/gear combination, that should not be part of PVP. to create a more even playing field, enjoyable to all, it would be advisable to put in restrictions of what can and cannot be used in PVP, there will be those who detest this idea for fear of losing their sense of overwhelming power against their opponents, the feeling and joy of dominating others is indeed satisfying, but it is also significantly more detrimental to others. to one it is enjoyable and the best thing, to the many both victim and most observers analytical or not, it is not enjoyable. There is no enjoyment in a game mode that is not balanced, all sports and all matches in the world, many a video game and all sports in real life, have restrictions on what can and cannot be used. there are some heavy weapons that gain far too much ammo when obtained, grenade launchers, machine guns, and swords gain a lot of ammo compared to all other heavy weapons in the game, especially machine guns, which is both powerful and capable of suppressive and sustained fire, and also have some of the highest DPS and total damage of all weapons in the game, followed by certain snipers, linear fusion rifles and so on, but unlike them, it is a full auto, dealing more damage than pulse rifle, similar rate of fire as an auto rifle and a greater magazine than all other weapons in the game save for swords or the like with 'infinite' ammo perks be it drawing from reserves or literally infinite as is with some pre-nerf weapons. Grenade launchers while not as potentially deadly has a large magazine for an already powerful round, with a rate of fire on par with some high-end hand cannons. and with an equivalent magazine in some cases. Some shotguns have a range too great ammo too numerous, and snipers ammo to numerous and powerful to boot, a high rate of fire sniper with a low zoom is extremely powerful easily able to one or two tap other guardians. these are just some small lesser examples of what can be done both on paper and in practice, these weapons can be easily abused. the greater danger comes from the exotics where their special perks and catalysts can create a playing field to out of balance, that one team will have an unfair advantage. snipers, fusion rifles, and shotguns, powerful weapons that use special ammo which is common and drops all the time off players, heavy weapons with ammo to numerous for its rarity. or certain weapons that utilize common ammo, often acting like the more powerful or faster-firing alternatives. many of these weapons difficult to obtain. and many don't even want to try to obtain them, as some of these great and fun weapons are locked behind PVP gameplay, that which many new or lacking players avoid due to the lack of enjoyment such an endeavor brings. Some even becoming deterring when they see that they must consecutively win in order to get them as any loss sets back or eliminates any progress. many may hate many may rejoice, but it is irrefutable that PVP needs restrictions on what can and cannot be used. in conclusion, with this restriction in place for both crucible and gambit with their own list of restrictions, unique to each gameplay mode, it will create a far more balanced, and enjoyable experience for all. *** SECOND but not least There are some pursuits locked behind PVP gameplay, forcing many who do not wish and don't want to into playing PVP, be this for reasons that they are not into PVP they don't get enjoyment out of it, or they are no good, but they love the game and in doing so will push them away from even playing the game knowing the gear they need to perform at their best in PVE is locked behind what they dread the most. it will be nice to have these pursuits made to be achievable in an alternate route, even if said rout is just as challenging, but the fact in knowing they will not face off against players far more skilled or players that simply outmatched them by way of endgame and exotic gear, and all that they have to do is play what they already enjoy, and a challenge at that. would attract players into enjoying areas of the game locked away from them in the first place. Finally, for last words, please post your thoughts of what can be improved or changed, what do you think should never be used in PVP, or why you so disagree with such a notion. suggestions advice and debates are welcome, arguments born through personal feelings are not. let us keep this intellectual and utilize that analytical part of us to find what will make or beloved game more enjoyable for us all.

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