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6/21/2019 7:24:27 AM

[PC][NA/EU] Our clan (Unskilled Players) is now recruiting | Endgame | Semi-Hardcore | Raids and Sherpas

[u][b]Unskilled Players is now recruiting and looking to grow![/b][/u] Founded on 4/19/19, UP started as a clan seeking better and more active players than what we had before. We value our community and our right to talk to each-other as we please. Despite our clan name, Unskilled Players is dedicated to creating a tightly-knit and active endgame community of good players. Our current roster has active players every week, many of which have multiple raid clears and are Fabled or higher in the competitive crucible playlist. [u]So what can we promise that other clans may not be able to?[/u] - We will be on every week, nearly every day, doing raids and other activities. - We will be there to sherpa through raids and help through other activities. - We will not punish members for speaking as they please. [u]Info for those who are still interested:[/u] Platform: PC Region: NA/EU Current Members: 42 Clan Link: Discord: Alternate link: Primary Language: English
#Clans #hardcore

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