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6/19/2019 1:35:49 PM

[PC] [NA] [Discord Required] [Forsaken Required] Emerald Bunnies: | Weekly Raids | Gambit | Nightfalls | Crucible

Recruitment to Emerald Bunnies is currently open! We are an endgame focused PvX clan, open to various types of players. Our main goal is to provide a home and community for other like minded and endgame focused players to meet and cooperate. Forming a group that is both competent yet chill and understanding. Looking for a more regular group to chat, cooperate and raid with? Than Emerald Bunnies is for you :) If you'd like to join our requirements are as follows: 1. You must have at least one character at 700LL (Overall power level) or above. This isn't a requirement for the sake of being elitist, but to ensure everybody is on the same page and able to play together. 2. Ownership of Forsaken and previous DLC is required. We want to encourage clan members to play together frequently and this is difficult when members don't at the very least own Forsaken and its pre-requisites. Annual pass isn't required but is HIGHLY recommended. 3. Grace period for inactivity is 15 days. With only a 100 slots we need to keep activity up as much as possible. If you're going to be gone for a bit longer than the 15 day period anybody is free shoot Porpoise or one of the admins a DM over discord and let them know. Previous members will be given join priority over new ones and you will always be welcome back if you decide to take a break from Destiny! 4. Join the discord! Its located directly on the clans profile page, right under the join button! Once you've joined and one of our admins can see a corresponding battle tag in the discord you'll be accepted! You can apply here: Meanwhile, the link to the discord is right here: If you have any questions feel free to either message me or comment on the thread!

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