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6/18/2019 10:00:38 PM


Hello Guardians, xPro is a friendly community which has players from the most experienced to the newbies to the game. We're looking to recruit players with experienced with raids of any source as we're needing experienced players to help out the many newbies to raids who's are keen to learn them. We don't have much requirements that you need to have before you join but there is a few that you must have: - Must have a mic. - Must be 18+ (we do have small exceptions though) - Must be willing to help other clan mates out. - We don't require you to have the dlc but we highly recommend you buy it near future to be more involved. - Must be friendly. There is also a few rules we have for you to consider: - We don't accept any bad mouth towards other players, we accept banter and we have a friendly community which we dont want to ruin, so any digs at another player will result in you being kicked. - We understand we all have other duties apart from destiny, our minimum is to stay active in our discord chats, if we aren't notified that you'll be away for a while you'll be given a warning and if we don't hear from you within 20 days you'll be kicked from the clan. - As stated above we're a friendly community that helps each other out. If we feel your not contributing to helping as much as we expect you to you'll be told, then kicked if repeated. So thats all the rules, if you want to join and willing to help with raids then follow these steps. 1.) Upvote this topic. 2.) Join our discord: 3.) Send a request to join the clan: (we wont accept you until you joined the discord server) 4.) Expect a message from us to accept you into the clan 5.) Welcome aboard :) Thank you for reading about us, if you have any questions don't hesitate to pm me and we hope to see you in xPro. :)

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