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Editado por Raizu: 6/21/2019 4:46:22 AM

To whoever made mountaintop Quest

I really do hope you and the team that made this all burn in the fiery depths of Hell. Either you or the team(And crybabies) who nerfed any and all grenade launchers into useless oblivion. And no amount of prayers will save you from the scorn I will send your way. -blam!- THIS MOUNTAINTOP QUEST!!!! This crap is ridiculous. I get 4% for a CT medal in cop but barely even 1 in qp? What the hell kind of crap is that? How can I get kills with grenade launchers, let alone three in one life or doubles. Especially when in comp here is the way things got for game modes. Countdown, countdown countdown countdown countdown countdown countdown countdown, survival, survival, survival...... Explain to me how you expect me to get this done with rounds that barely evenm last long enough for power to spawn let alone kill them with it. and not only that but anything other than a power GL is so trash. I can hit them directly with fighting lion and other GL's that aren't power and yet they survive. sometimes with little damagedealt to them? As for the nerf to said things, I blame all you crybaby losers who -blam!- aout getting killed by GL. Stop -blam!- and crying nerf on everything that kills you. either you just suck or you play like an idiot right into them. Maybe if you stopped crying nerfs the metas would not be like they are now and we would have proper counters to everything. Anyway back on track here.... This grind is no grind..i have spent hours and hours and hours and so much more going for this damn quest and have 70 Ct medals but only 20% double kills. Luna' howl and recluse was reasonable and actually enjoyable for guns that are great..but this...this just takes all that, shits on it and burns it at the door. There is no fun in grinding for mountaintop. a gun that has proven all around to be a great gun all around.Comp is nothing but sweaty hot garbage and even so i am running fighting lion and either through the fire and flood or POTG and still can't do anything because Comp is nothing but countdown. Oh but wait that's right "We're listening to community feedback" So you know all about this huh? and yet still we get a whole year of reskins? Every season of iron banner ha the same old plain boring and somewhat shtty guns and yet in year 1 and even destiny 1 iron banner got new weapons for each expansion/season. Even with this season, I have nothing that is good or interesting enough to tear me away from my reverie armor. Except raid armor and finding a team for that is another issue for another time. What's next bungie, we gonna get some sort of stupid and even more grindy and rediculous thing like a sidearm quest? Or maybe a sword quest where you have to get kills with just the hilt..? Enlihten me, how far can you drag down people like me where the only escape is to uninstall you're game? cuz I'm kind of done, after spending 5 hours of making absolutely no progress on the triumph because GL are absolute dog shit.I would much rather go to call of duty and grind out their weapons. at least my time is rewarded there. and I can see it now, the toxic comunity and more will be here shortly to insult mock and berate for my post so go ahead bring it on :) Because nothing you can say will cause any more pain blood and suffering this bloody quest hasn't already brought me. On top of doing the same milestones day in, day out for weeks....for months...for almost two years.. all because they can't come out with anything better.....Love D1 o much better....loed playing ANYTHING I WANTED TO PROGRESS....Gone are the days where I can grind heroic strikes and crucible to increase my light(Albeit slowly) and could raid for big jumps. Oh well..Hopefully everyone catches on to your crap and won't jump on the useless hype train of shadowkeep because at the end of the ay it will be all the same crap. And will never beat borderlands 3 :) GL kills- 100% double kills-26% Calculated Trjectory-70% This has been where I'm at the past 5 hours.maybe more....lost track...Things like this ruin games for me..and I love grindy games... Edit: Well got a few good matches, got another 20% for calculated...I had gotten a few double kill medals with only GL and progress at all So pretty sure there is some issues going on there^^ woooo!! Edit #2 - So got a few double kills in comp somehow...and find it is not much more worth it to do it there. For it being extra quick in's only by one percent...QP gives 1% for doubles and comp gives 2%...and given the rarity of pportunities for GL double kills in comp..I think I'll stick with quickplay...

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